New Sunglasses. New Haircut. New Website!

Cleo and me in a classic selfie on the couch.

I posted the above to Facebook and that I wanted people to peek at this new version of my website. But I feel like it is much more than just a new website. From 1996, until switching to last week, I had been maintaining my website via text documents saved via ftp to a host*. It was last century when I began using that technique and now I really feel like I've entered the 21st century. The ease of using templates and graphic user interfaces through my web browser (and maybe my tablet and phone too!) are seductive. Since last week, I've spent more than all my free time building up this website. It is so lovely an experience posting images, easily organizing them, then seeing things immediately work. I'm happy to leave the code under the hood and just use the tools! I'm particularly enamored with the ease of posting and selling work directly to my collectors**. It is interesting to think about the potential shift in financing digital art work if artists can create galleries that collectors worldwide can visit anytime and don't have the overhead of paying rent. Perhaps it has the potential to shift the paradigm of a few rich collectors supporting artists (and galleries' rent)  through the purchase of a few high priced art works to a new support network of many well educated but not particularly wealthy collectors through the purchase of many inexpensive pieces.  I'm building this website to explore this idea. 

I hope you check back and see the results unfold!



**If you want to see the old versions, they are still up at

**If you are a collector, please bookmark my site. I'm adding many more pigment ink prints to the site this month. I will be adding vintage large tiled Digital Photo Collage prints from 1996-1998 to this site later this summer and more largerecent prints in the Fall.